Partners for International Cooperation is a 501 (c) 3 registered organization in the State of California. Since 2016, we have been working with community based organizations around the world to fundraise, share development knowledge, and help each other reach our humanitarian goals. PIC emphasizes equality with our partners through cooperative effort, striving to break down the economic and social walls that separate and divide us. Recent work includes grant writing for a community library in Kenya, fundraising for secondary education scholarships in Lake Victoria communities, project proposal development for maternal and neonatal care in Homa Bay County, Kenya, and researching how partners in international development can better communicate.



We work with some amazing partners around the globe, check them out here.


Wagego Kenya

Wagego works for a better future on Mfangano Island in the Kenyan part of Lake Victoria. Since 2012, they've provided access to basic education, healthcare and economic empowerment for those orphaned or widowed by HIV/AIDS.

Remba health and environmental conservation group

Since 2007, Remba Health and Environmental Conservation Group has been operating on Lake Victoria, Kenya, to improve the standard of living in the area, promote better health practices, and greater conservation of the local environment.

RHECOG also has supported the construction of a health clinic on the island and run projects to promote safe sex practices and the end of jamboya .

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Mfangano education fund

The education fund provides secondary education to impoverished youths on the islands of Lake Victoria. Their support scholarship programs for children and their families struggling to afford a secondary education ensure that each child can succeed and reach university level. They also raise funds for uniforms, school supplies, and refurbishing old school buildings.


YAAPHA works on mainland Tanzania with the orphans and vulnerable children who have lost parents and close relatives as result of HIV/AIDS.

They also provide HIV/AIDS prevention, education, counseling, care and support in Tanzania and was established as a response to the problem of HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and educational challenges among children and adults.



Hossanah is an education centre for needy children in one of Nairobi's slums. It strives to be a model community empowerment center for the women and youth through education, skills training, and income garnering projects.

organic food kenya

OFOK provides trainings and modern agriculture skills to rural and impoverished communities in Kenya by developing fertile ground to nourish organic foods, training others to improve their land and thereby improving food security and changes lives within the community.

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African health foundation kenya

AHFK helps restore hope and communal responsibility to withstand the devastation caused by HIV/AIDS. The Malela Hope Center provides the community with a favorable environment, hope, solidarity and the ability to coordinate and mobilize the available community resources and skills to benefit AIDS orphans, their families and AIDS patients.